So, who are you?

Hey, I’m Chris and this my site Work & Wanderlust. Want to know more about me? Read on…

How would I describe myself?

My Linkedin profile describes me as “An ambitious, creative, and confident individual”; while my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram descriptions talk about my travel and blogging.

In short, I would say I am an ambitious individual that has huge aspirations and an interest in most things digital.


Why did I start Work & Wanderlust?

It is something new and great project for me to start. For years I have had an interest in bloggers and boom in social influencer marketing (despite the bad press it sometimes gets) and wanted to dip my toe and see what it is like to make yourself a brand.


What do I do on Work & Wanderlust?

Everything if I am honest, previously I have never run a website before (except for a business idea I working on) but have thrown myself head first into the world of website building and design.

All written content is my own, I research and analyse all stats/information provided and, where possible, add my own insights.


What do I write about?

A range of things; I’m not a massive fan of self-promotion or flaunting every detail of your life to the world but I hope to tell my story by way of a bitesize weekly blog.

My aim is also to tell my travel stories – Wanderlust makes sense now eh? – on top of producing semi-regular workplace and business insights that I hope will inspire others and provide discussion topics.