Losing The Bulk And Finally Getting Fit

It has been almost two years since I last looked to properly get fit.

However, after a 3-month binge of eating lots, drinking even more and the only exercise being 5 minute walks between the train station and the office, now is the time to sort my body out.

Reasons to get fit:

1 | My body…

I’ve usually been a pretty big guy. Not fat or obese but big.

I’m 6ft (183cm) tall, with 20.5-inch shoulders, so I’ve often been able to carry a lot more weight than the average guy, without showing it. Well, mostly, there is one place that has really been the bain of my life. My stomach.

A flat, if wide chest, that only helps highlight a stomach that is more than happy to bulge out. Additionally, the 3-month binge has added nearly 2 inches to my waist and 2 stone to my wight!

So, with that in mind, I’m eager to get rid of the bulge, the extra inches and trim the weight, or at least turn it from fat to muscle.

2 | My fitness…

Unsurprisingly, those extra two waist sizes have timed with my fitness plummeting. Where I was once a ‘winger‘ and ‘full-back‘, tearing up and down the touchlines, in my days playing football with regularity – I am now panting after just a few dozen steps!

Predictably, this needs to change and something that I really want to sort out.

3 | My mind…

As I have touched upon in some of my previous posts, I have, at various points in my life, dealt with depression and anxiety. While I’m currently in a good place, there are days that I have felt myself slipping back into that rut.

Something that helps, for me anyway, is fitness. That feeling of pushing your body to reach goals and that extra set or minute of endurance. While my judgemental thoughts are silenced as I focus on my body working and the next movement to make.

How I plan to get fit:

My goals to get fit are pretty well, standard. Eat right, got to the gym, be active and don’t drink too much. But, that’s pretty simple and, to be honest, a bit lazy to leave at that. So here are my (current) plans…

1 | Fitness classes…

As I mentioned previously, my mind is a bit of a judgemental place and happy to distract or self de-motivate. So, to counter that and push me that extra level, I have enroled on a number of fitness classes.

Here’s my list of classes for the next week:

How I am looking to get fit this week. (12/03/18 to 16/03/18)Bootcamp: A HIIT workout using Les Mills and body weights to work every inch of the body, with a focus on my core.

Pilates: A favourite with celebs and sports people, to balance the body and help prevent injury. I am aiming to use the classes to do the latter and finally get over my muscular imbalances.

Yoga: Like Pilates, I’m taking Yoga classes to give me that fitness and balance boost. Additionally, the meditational and stress relieving aspects will hopefully help with my mental health and motivation.

2 | Machines and free-weights…

To support the ‘gains’ from classes, and help me with my stamina and strength. I am setting some days in my week to work out in the gym.

My main focus for the next month or so is my cardio and stamina – to help reduce my fat and go fro panting on the steps to being able to do bear crawls with “ease”.

Once my core, stamina, and balance are improved, I will be looking to add more weights and resistance training to my regime. From there, well hopefully I’ll be able to fit them all into one weekly plan.

3 | Eating right…

I’ve mentioned how bad my diet was for 3 months, up to the start of Feb, so it was about time I changed that.

Firstly, I am cutting down on most carbs. Bread, white rice, standard pasta and regular potatoes are out. In their place are: brown rice, wholewheat pasta and sweet potatoes.

Breakfast: Out goes cereal or toast, in their place comes fruit salad with yoghurt.

Lunch: Made on the weekend, during my meal prep Sundays. They are made up of fresh veg grilled or roasted (no oil) and rack roasted chicken thighs (not a fan of chicken breasts).

Dinners: Depending on the time I get back home, these are often a mixture of the veg I use in my weekly meal prep and a source of protein, usually seafood.

Snacks: I’m not really a snacker but if I do I tend to keep a nutbar or piece of fruit on my desk.

Drinks: Probably the biggest change. During my 3 month binge, I was drinking 1 or two bottles of beer a night – sometimes more. In my health switch, I am now cutting drinking to one night a week (at most) and cutting down my caffeine to a more reasonable amount. In place of the level of alcohol and caffeine I was drinking I have started to drink more water and semi-skimmed milk.

And that’s your lot…for now

I’ll be posting semi-regular updates on my progress but don’t worry, I WON’T be posting shirtless gym selfies!

If you fancy helping me out with my fitness goals or have some advice that you would like to impart, please feel free to comment below.